Kiepersol Residents Group

The Residents WhatsApp group is for all home owners / tenants which is used for general discussions pertaining to the complex. This is an informal group for general notices, polite discussion, general queries. We will also communicate notices such as electricity / water disruptions, refuse removal, etc.

Any resident “tenant” or owner is free to join, but please keep discussions polite, free of political, racist or any hate speech. Please also refrain from attacking neighbors. The administrators will remove anyone who abuses this forum, but the rules will be much more relaxed than the “Kiepersol Emergency” group. It is hoped to foster a sense of community, where we care for each other and generally know what is happening.

For those of you who don’t like the “bing” noise that WhatsApp makes on your phone, it is easy to set this group to “silent / mute”, so you can read it when you feel like it, but are not disturbed by noises when residents are posting comments.

Kiepersol Emergency Group

The Emergency WhatsApp group is for all home owners / tenants as well as our Security Service Providers (TaySec Security & Divergent OPS) which will be used in case of any emergencies, complex perimeter breaches or suspect / criminal activity.


We will apply very strict moderation, rules and control on this WhatsApp group – it is to be used ONLY for informing all residents of an emergency which affects all residents. It is not to be used for discussions, complaints, or any other purposes. If an emergency is communicated, do not reply about the emergency, unless you have new information which the group has to hear. Divergent OPS and TaySec Security will also be on this group in order to respond, or to inform us.


Anyone who abuses this group will be immediately removed from the group by one of the administrators, without discussion.